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Welcome to one of the net's leading supplier of retail and wholesale supplier of ladies wear including the fashion designed Dubai Abaya. The term aba-ya which in Arabic means "veil cloak" (Arabic: عباية‎ ʿabāyah or عباءة ʿabā'ah, which traditionally has been a long over cloak in a robe-like dress, worn by many women across the Islamic World which forma the integral part of their religion. Our collection of classic original and more elegant sophisticated fashion designs using the finest quality satin fabrication and stone work to make the finished design breathtaking.  We delivery retail and bulk quality all over the world including Saudi, UAE and other countries. We offer not just black colours but also exclusive to customer needs more vibrant colours. We also supply niqab which is the classic face veil covering the eyes. Customers from the far East looking for Kebaya style can also contact us.

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Dubai Floral Abaya / Size:
We offer a wide payment option. You can use the Paypal shopping cart to make a purchase. This amount includes the cost of the item plus delivery charges and is the final amount to pay for this Islamic clothing item. If you have any question please feel free to contact us. Before buying please do consult on sizing best would be to talk to our sales team specialist on these Hijab styles

Our styles of Jilbabs and Hijab are unique in their cut and design. The style and flare of these clothing is specially designed by our in house designers who are making collection some of the best UAE Islamic clothing brands. Their concept of East and Western designs with super fine and soft fabrication usage brings a complete harmony to give the touch of fashion in these hijabs. View out complete range online today

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For wholesale order then contact us for better rates. We supply Islamic clothing to shops globally so logistically we are fast in delivery of these goods.  Email us on We sell accessories which includes ittar perfumes, bags, digital Quran, scarf and much more.

Hijab style collection from UAE - get the style and flare

Our seasoned collection of hijab style from Dubai include a mix of designs to suit our wide customer base. With more fashion touches added for the younger clients and keeping to the tradition designs for the older generation. Mixing different fabrics with detailed embroidery of floral and mosaics means the hijab style is something which is not too common in design and style but takes a one step forward in its charm and sophistication. As a manufacture you can also rest assured of the best quality and price on the net.

Abaya from Dubai in crepe, georgette and chiffon

Our designers are constantly working with different fabrications to get the unique style of aba-ya. With the use of fine and originally silk, crepe, georgette and chiffon fabrications in black colour with twisted pleats with stone transfers plus touches of embroidery work give it a breathtaking look. The cleverly use of these fabrics and lace work coupled with satin pleats in our cutting patterns give it that fitting suitable for the catwalk. abaya from Dubai
Our attendance at all the leading exhibitions with the top designers in Riyadh and Sharjah enable us to give new life to our design collection.

Delivery charges for sending ʿAbāyah. We ship all over the world

We ship all over the world at very keen prices. With our main stocking in Dubai we have a very efficient network for delivery across the globe. Depending on how many pieces you are after we can offer very favourable rates for ladies wear. We use DHL as our courier partner to send orders out this enables us to give tracking information to our customers.

Bespoke design for the everyday look

We also offer an exclusive custom bespoke eservice where we can have your selected design alerted to fit your measurement or body style. With our in-house stitching and design team we can not only alter existing clothing but can from scratch make a style which you desire us to copy. It easy to order we have a measurement chart where you can email us all the details for us to work from.

Jilbabs from UAE in elegant style

The modern design and contemporary cut of jilbāb includes the covering of the entire body, except for hands, face, and head. The head and neck are then covered by a scarf or wrap (khimar). If you require a niqab to cover the face then we can also get that added in a style which fit your needs and confidence.

embroidery jilbabs abaya with lace

These two styles from Dubai feature all the classic features of elegance and style. They have nice pleated work front and back in satin fabric. The details stone sequin work along the breath of the cuffs and scarf side.

This could be worn on special occasions and a nice outfit equally good just to wear normally as a dress and at the same time keep within the code of Islamic clothing. The embroidery design on the scarf position give it that added elegance making it a great outfit to wear in style

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