Dubai Fashion Week - Fashion Abaya revolution

Any brand or designers serious to take their collection to the International arena cannot ignore the important of Dubai Fashion Week (DFW). This show is not just about display but the Dubai Fashion Week has made a name for itself to be an abaya forum to share ideas from the best of mind and abaya revolutionaries across the globe to display what they have to offer the world.

Fashion Week - The Catwalk and the abaya designers

The fashion at Dubai event is full of all the usual suspect such as Mauzan, Ananayen but what makes DFW different is the fact that it gives a platform of opportunity for new comers to show what they are worth. Its this platform has enabled small designers to become big and new talent the likes of Huma Q to be noticed. The catwalk is stunning display with the background banner of the designer logo with subtle music gives a breathtaking opening for top models with latest abaya fashion wear.

Time and event of the fashion show

DFW is a seasoned fashion show and well awaited and important event for many designers but the down side is its only a invitation show only. But that should not discourage anyone now with online media you can keep up to date with latest videos of the fashion show plus the blogs are full with new up coming gossip of the best of abaya trends and fashion.

dubai fashion week




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