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When it comes to the word Hijab (Arabic: حجاب hijaab) IT refers to both the head covering which has been the Islamic tradition worn by many Muslim women not just in the Islamic countries but also in other non Muslim countries. Hijab bring a sense of modestly to a women and in some parts of the world like Saudi and Iran is enforced by the Govt as part of the Shaira Law further supported by numerous verses of the Quran and ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). The design which we offer in ladies hijab are made from very fine soft fabric with detailed design patterns printed all over. Depending on what you require as part of your style we offer a range of collection to suit your needs.

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The online designer hijab store view our complete range

You view our online collection of designer hijabs which come in some very nice mosaic patterns and vibrant colours to make any women look elegant and great. These silk fabric scarf are very comfortable for every day use or to be worn for a special occasion. The trends and designs of hijabs vary depending on which part of the world you go to. The classic Palestinian style is the most famous PLO pattern which became a symbol of resistance and liberation and more recently been adopted by young kids in the western world to demonstrate their rebellion against the Govt policies.

Exclusive Al Hijab accessories, scarf pins and brooches

No hijab style can be complete without a nice accessory to accompany it. We offer a wide choice in scarf brooches in flower, star and many different designs. Our range of silver scarf pins also come in many flavours to give added style to the head wear. You can view our complete range in our online catalogue

Finding the right hijab shop near your area or online

As a wholesale supplier and online retailer seller of quality hijabs we have an extensive network to help you find the product you are looking for. At times it not always easy to find the item you want on an online store though we try out best to put the best quality images to give you the feel of the style you require but if you are looking for a high street shop in your area then contact us and will help you with an address. Our show rook is bases in Dubai and South East Asia but out global network means we are in touch with many smaller hijab shops where you can pop in and view our collection. Email us today for more information.

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Islamic ruling of Hijab and covering of the face

There has been much debate on social political front and religious gathering as to the meaning of and to what extent a women should do the veil hijab in the modern times which we live in. While modesty in clothing for women and men which is something compulsory as supported by the numerous Islamic traditions from the life of the Prophet and in verses of the Quran plus the general consensus amongst the different school of thoughts in Islamic theology such as Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki and Hanbali. However the extent or the style of which is still very much debatable depending on the circle or how orthodox a country is with respect to its Islamic teachings.



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"The many different styles in Hijab online I really like what you have offered here since it give soft designs which are not too over the top. Really love the brooches collection in your online shop store"  Sadia Imran



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