Homa Q Abayas $50 Homa Qamar abaya sheila

Homa Qamar or more popularly known as HOMA Q is the new young South Asian (i.e Pakistani) fashion designers to come to the area of abaya fashion. Her education and experience not to mention her style gives a unique design touch which is a TM or a signature of the HOMA Q brand. Much is knows about this shy designer from the East but her launch at the Dubai Fashion Week have taken people by surprised with her sizzling designs. Her move away from the classic orthodox design into the frontier or boarders of 'abaya' really means have given her designs more appeal amongst the youth. The use of black leggings have been a new concept in abaya fashion not to mention her use of very fine see through fabrication in the clothing.

Her appearance at one glance does not would never give a away that Homa is a abaya designer but her introduced at the Dubai Fashion Week made people think twice.

Homa Q abaya sheila




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