Jilbabs in elegant styles from Dubai

Traditionally the term jilbāb or jilbaab (Arabic جلباب) which in plural is the word jilaabah refers to any long outfit or loose-fit coat or garment worn by some Muslim women or ladies as part of their Islamic law as detailed in the Quran (Surah Al-Ahzab). However our Dubai collection has a mix of both orthodox style with modern twist for younger generation that are wearing the Jubbah for everyday use. Using a mix of embroidery, quality stone work with different kind of fabrication including silk we offer an unmatched collection which is top quality and keen in price. Depending on what colour scheme you prefer our range of Jilbabs will fulfil your needs e.g. we offer colours Jubbah as well the classic black colour in plain or hooded style. The colours on offer include wood grey, lilac, beige or black. These also come with velvet style fabrication with detailed lace work to give it added style.

If you are looking for a totally bespoke style then our made to order service will cater for all your requirements. Email today for a quote we offer fast delivery anywhere around the world.

 Dubai jilbabs designs

Athletic jilbab solution for the sporting Muslim women

Many women across the globe have for a long time had an obstacle to fully take part in all sporting activities due to the Islamic rule of hijab and covering of the body. Now there is the solution of the athletic jilbabs pioneered and developed by Nike to ensure correct adherence to Islamic law at the same time to enjoy the aerodynamics of sporting activities. Also on offer are swimming jilbab suits allowing women to cover their body and head especially when going with family to water parks or pools.

swimming athletic jilbab



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