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The term Muslim clothing is not just about people with a certain religious back ground wear cultural style clothing but Islam offers certain guides lines in accordance to the Quran and Sharia of what men and women of the Islamic faith can and cannot wear. Its quite apparent that the trend of clothing which Muslim wear emanates from the life of the Holy Prophet and his companions and to imitate them is Sunnah and rewarding. Keeping these guide line in mind and combining modern printing and embroidery techniques plus different fabric styles on offer we now sell exclusive clothing designs. Our team of Islamic fashion designers incorporate different designs to give clothes which are perfect in fitting and style but at the same time keep to the law of Islam.

 muslim clothing

Muslim Men styles of clothes

The style of mens clothing which we offer for practicing Muslims are loose wear which is elegant made from soft cotton fabrication. Depending on which country you are from we offer a wide variety to cater men from the South Asian region who wear the traditional Shalwar Kameez or Middle Eastern men wearing the thobe. View online our complete collection today. New for the year are men's Moroccan styles of Galabiyyas which we offer in different colours and fabrication with and without hood styles. These are very comfortable to wear due to its polyester viscos fabric.

Muslim female designs of clothing

For women we offer unique designs in Abaya and hijabs for daily use but also on offer are sophisticated designs in kurta shlawar LAWN dresses. You can view our complete ladies clothing range online and place the order for fast immediate delivery. Our made to order service means we can also stitch to your style and fitting. For more info email sales team today. We also offer Muslim wear accessories which includes prayer mats, hats (pleated and normal prayer toopis), tasbeeh, variety of headdresses, tunics long shirts, Galabiyyas and Kufis.




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