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We offer a nice collection of Islamic swimwear ideal for women who wish to adhere to Islamic law regarding the covering of the body. The swimsuits for women which we offer covers the entire body and is a classic full sleeve waterproof top with a attached hood to cover the hair. The item comes in a range of colours with contrasting baseball style sleeve design with a very stretchable fabrication to give a nice aerodynamic body fitted outfit making the whole swimming experience very enjoyable and comfortable.

 Muslim women have always felt this reluctance and uncomfortable feeling when swimming even in a complete women swimming pool due to the Islamic law regarding female hijab or veiling Under Islamic law a women is expected to cover her body as a sign of her modesty in public. This has always been the main reason for many women not learning how to swim. Now with the availability of Islamic swimsuits which cover the entire body except the face. The attached hood also allow the hijab of the head which is another important part of Islamic law. The availability of Islamic swimsuits has enabled many mothers to feel comfortable sending their children to swimming pools as part of theirs sports curriculum

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The history of the Islamic swim wear - Veilkini and Burkini

The original idea of a all purpose swimwear for conservative Muslim women has sold under the brands of Burkini and Veilkini. As the name suggest that burqa (which is the Arabic term for veil) and bikini which is commonly worn in the western world in swimming pools or in beaches. The idea of a bikini for Muslim women made it an instant hit in the Islamic countries. France has once again got the spotlight in the media after banning the Burkini Due to medical hygiene concerns. It's medically known that wet bathing suits have a tendency to attract bacterial and fungal growth faster than norm. It's always a best practice to change quickly from a wet suit and not to share suits since in women it's know to create virginal infections.


Other women swimsuits brands - Speedo

Besides the smaller brands having their own version of a full cover swimming clothing only one international brand has added it to their swim wear range namely Speedo. Their does not have a hood to cover the hair has meant that it was not popular amongst Muslim women.

speedo islamic swimsuits for women

What about Muslim men swimsuits

Islamic law to maintain modesty is not only for women but men are also expected to adhere to the religious code. Men are expected to cover from their navel button to the knees under Sharia law. Men typically find alternative by wearing a long Bermuda style shorts with a t shirt which is not a proper solution for someone who wants to learn swimming in a professional manner. Wearing just the typical swim pants and have the body uncovered is not Islamic. To have the top and bottom up to and below the knees in a one single piece is the best solution though a product like this cease to exit in the market.

Burkini from Ahiida - Islamic swimsuit

This original brand product designed by the Lebanese Australian Aheda Zanetti under the company name Ahiida. They have been the pioneer of the modern swim wear for Muslims.

The fabrication for an ideal swim suit

The fabric of the traditional wetsuit being made of rubber these Islamic swimwear are made from a looser polyimide fabric with a water repellent finish making it an ideal swim wear garment. The makers of Burkini had always disputed about the use of Lycra which was the commons practice for its rival mycozzie brand that the use of Lycra was not safe.

Celebrities wearing the Burkini - Nigella Lawson

The popularity of these full covered swim wear have been equally popular amongst Orthodox Christians. There has also been much publicity when Nigella Lawson who was seen wearing the Burkini setting a new trend.  

nigella burkini

Taking ladies Muslim swim wear to the next level

The biggest limitations of Burkini and it's like-to-like products are that they have no pockets attached. It's a good products to have initially solving a problem for Muslim women who wanted to swim or relax on the beach at the same time keep their modesty but the product needs to be reinvented. The problem of not having pockets which are completely water proof for mobile phones or money etc always prevents the beach goer of safely of their belongings. This is especially true when it comes to water parks goers where many come to contact with a Burkini. In many of these water parks there are no convenient locker system to keep money safe with oneself. So a possible improvement to all these ladies swim wear would be to attach pockets which are completely water tight for personal belongings.  

The Muslim women surfer - the Burkini series continues

A Muslim women surfer was something unthinkable few years back but now surfer suits tailored for women is now a reality with the help of Artist Kate Sikorski fund raising campaign.

muslim women surfer

Prices and wholesale rates for Islamic schools

At time customers require bulk for orders for these swimsuits especially in kids sizes for Islamic schools well we offer some great rates for wholesale bulk orders. For more information contact our sales team who will be glade to help you. If there is a requirement for a bespoke custom designed ladies swimwear then contact us for quotes. Now you can order Abayas from Dubai with this swimwear all at a reasonable price.


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"Very happy to get this swimsuit since my daughter was going to swimming classes in school and I did not feel comfortable wearing the costume since it exposes too much body. Very happy to have found your swim wear. Thanks   "  Sharma



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