Rabia Z from Dubai, $80 Rabia z abaya collection

Rabia z is one of the exclusive abaya designers on the block. A powerful and full of energy women whose design concept in abaya have revolutionised the trends for Islamic hijab for good. Having a breath of fashion design experience and knowledge she has used urban western dressing so beautifully incorporated it in abaya fashion. The style and flare of these inspired dresses have changed peoples understanding of what hijab means. Having brought up in the hub of fashion namely New York she has taken inspiration from sporting brands such as Adidas and given a new college urban abaya look.
Rabia z recognition for her designs have received appreciation from across the globe. Her designs have fulfilled a niche demand in the market for working class professional women. Her participation at leading catwalks and shows have given her extraordinary global stand setting new trends on high street Dubai fashion.

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Rabia Z as a Designer and background

Having studied at University of Phoenix & Nassau Community College NYC, have led to the precipitation of the Rabia Z brand. Having further taken courses in fashion design coupled with the tragic 9/11 events made her realize the challenges faced by moderate Muslims and also the demand for fashion abayas as a niche emerging market. The concept behind the brand and collection reflect her past education and personal experience which echoes elegance, style and flare. With an Arab Afghani background both cultures which have a strong custom of hijab has given her an added edge compared to other designers of Islamic clothing. Her talent was quickly recognised at The Emerging Designer Award’ for her debut collection in October 2007 at Dubai Fashion Week which gave her that boost and determination to push forward her imagination and design. With experience with top designers such Paul Smith and work experience at some of the top retailers the like of TOPMAN have not just given her insight into western design but allowed her to fully understand this niche market for fashion abayas. With the display of further collection at Dubai Fashion Fiesta and Fashion Expo Arabia have given her more prominence and exposure from being a local brand to a global phenomena in ladies Islamic wear.  


The Persil abaya shampoo from Rabia Z

Making special attention for all fine details Rabia Z have now teamed up by Persil to create the ultimate shampoo for Abaya. Some of the top branded abayas are not cheap so taking special care during washing is important to ensure longer lasting results. This Persil shampoo is specially formulated to ensure best results when hand washing these garments. For more tips email us today.

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