Saudi Style of Fashion Abaya in Saudi Arabia

The style of Abaya worn in Saudi Arabia have come a long way from the traditional long, black cloak (which under the Saudi law all women have to wear out in public) and simple designs availability in the market. With more daring modern designers coming in the market means more interesting mix of fabrication and lace to give a very stylish look.

Abaya have been a tradition dating thousands of years tracking back to its roots to the Bedouin tribes and their customs keep in line with the hot weather in the Arabian desert.

We offer some evolving designs in Abaya which is a mix of silk, satin or georgette fabrication to ensure you do not feel hot in the weather. Our designs keep in line to the traditional norms but adding stylish concept to give you a personality which you feel comfortable in. We take great time and effort using the best fabrication and lace plus embroidery designs to give our customers and more unique designs in Abaya.

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